VNG Innovation GmbH

VNG Innovation GmbH uses the long-term experience and resources of the VNG Group to create a platform for innovative ideas and added value. We are looking for long-term cooperation partners with expertise in the area of the energy industry. Apart from financial resources, we provide support in the form of infrastructure and know-how.

We believe in convincing concepts that can outperform all the conventional, well-known business ideas and improve the efficiency and economics of the entire energy industry. Our objective is to create sustainable corporate value together with you.

Main focus of investment
We invest in early-stage start-ups with their own convincing ideas concentrating on improvements in the energy sector.
Investment strategy and criteria
VNG Innovation GmbH is looking for long-term, successful cooperation as a strategic investor.
Current investments of VNG Innovation GmbH
Our support and mentors
Our team and our mentors support your project with their knowledge, experience and resources.
Contact form
You can either use our online contact form or make contact with us directly.