New perspectives on gas

Achieving carbon neutrality with gas

Fuelled by groundbreaking political decisions, the trend towards decarbonisation once again picked up speed in 2020. As a consequence, attention has increasingly focused on renewable energy sources and carbon-neutral gases in recent months. At the same time, there is widespread agreement that natural gas will be a major component of the German energy mix until 2030 and beyond. 



Review of the 2020 financial year

VNG: economically successful and making substantial progress in the field of green gases. 

All figures, data, facts and a review of the presentation of the financial statements for the 2020 financial year on April 13, 2021. 


  • "Hydrogen master plan for eastern Germany" outlines the steps towards establishing a hydrogen economy in eastern Germany
  • Financial statements for 2020: Economic success for VNG, plus substantial progress in green gases
  • VNG Innovation und Wintershall Dea Technology Ventures investieren in britisches Start-up HiiROC

Green. Digital. With gas.

With the Group strategy "VNG 2030+" we describe our path into the future.