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Akvola Technologies GmbH | Berlin
Portfolio since: 08/2016 | Industry: Water treatment

akvola Technologies akvola Technologies is a water technology company that provides cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions based on akvoFloat™ – a proprietary flotation-filtration process– to clean hard-to-treat industrial wastewater containing high concentrations of oil (free, dispersed and emulsified) and suspended solids. These solutions can be implemented in six major water-using industries: Oil and gas, Refining and petrochemicals, Metalworking, Steel, Food and beverage and Pulp and paper.

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Logo Eigenheimmanager

Eigenheim Manager GmbH | Leipzig
Portfolio since: 10/2016 | Industry: Housing industry

Eigenheim Manager GmbH was established in 2016 by Leipzig software and property experts. The founder and Managing Director Christoph Klemm has been a successful entrepreneur in the IT and software sector since 1999. Through the integrated mobile recording of meter readings, the Eigenheim Manager app allows consumers to continuously determine consumption, includes a maintenance log book to remind owners of the need for work to maintain the value of their buildings and provides assistance with documentation. The result is a home with a comprehensive service history.

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Logo Cloud and Heat

Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH | Dresden
Portfolio since: 12/2016 | Energy solutions

Cloud&Heat arose as a result of an idea developed at Dresden University of Technology and was founded in 2011 under the name of AoTerra GmbH. The company has traded under the name of Cloud & Heat since April 2014. Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH has operated IT infrastructure based on its own hardware solutions and powered by OpenStack, the cloud operating system, since 2012. The utilization of waste heat from servers saves heating and cooling energy, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to a uniquely efficient hot water cooling system, this approach does not impair the performance of computer systems. With its technology, Cloud & Heat operates the world’s most energy efficient, cost-effective computer centre solutions.

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Rhebo GmbH | Leipzig
Portfolio since: 04/2018

Rhebo is a German tech-company specialized in providing failure safety to industrial control systems by monitoring data communication. Rhebo commercialize security appliances and complementary professional services to protect networked industrial control systems as well as critical infrastructures and, thus, enhance their productivity. In its study “Marktführer für betriebs-technische Sicherheit 2017”, Gartner list Rhebo among the top 30 vendors of industrial security products. The company is also member of “Teletrust – Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit”, the industry association for cybersecurity.

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Logo Infrasolid GmbH

Infrasolid GmbH | Dresden
Portfolio since: 09/2018

The Infrasolid GmbH is a spin-off from the Institute for Solid State Electronics (IFE) at the Dresden University of Technology. It develops and manufactures powerful infrared radiation sources for use in NDIR gas analysis and IR spectroscopy. Typical areas of application are in the areas of environmental protection, exhaust gas measurement, explosion and fire protection, building technology and medical technology. 2017 the Dresden start-up was founded.

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