Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics - Responsible Conduct

In 2008, the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics launched the initiative “Investing in Trust” as a response to a loss of trust in the market economy system, in business corporations and their decision makers. In the course of this dialog process an initiative of companies was created which developed the “Code of Responsible Conduct for Business”, which has now been signed by the heads of more than 50 companies and of four organizations.

Among the signatories are CEOs of leading companies, managing directors of respected SMEs as well as chairpersons of several organizations from industry. By signing, the signatories undertake to initiate concrete measures and adhere to reliable standards in an effort to regain the public’s trust in industry’s decision makers. The process is moderated by Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics and also proactively supported by the VNG Foundation.



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