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For decades the VNG Group's profile has been shaped largely by its trade in natural gas and biomethane. Together with VNG Handel & Vertrieb with its many regional layers and its trading companies and holdings, we are a reliable and flexible supplier to regional utilities, industry and commercial and residential customers at home and abroad.

ONTRAS Gastransport acts as an independent as well as technically and logistically dependable transmission system operator within a regulated European transmission system. With a pipeline system in excess of 7,000 kilometres and more than 450 network interconnections ONTRAS ensures the smooth transportation of gas for shippers.

Through VNG Gasspeicher GmbH, the VNG Group offers decades of experience and all-round expertise when it comes to underground gas storage, from design and construction to operation and maintenance, as well as the marketing of storage capacity.

Neue Geschäfte

In this process of realignment and continued development, one thing is clear: gas is and will remain central to our activities. We will stay true to our DNA and will continue to be active in our business areas along the gas value stream. However, we will also be developing new, future-oriented activities over the next years. Our main focus is initially on biogas, digital infrastructure, and local solutions. At the same time, we will be preparing our gas infrastructure for carbon-neutral energy supplies by 2050.