VNG invests in Dresden start-up Cloud & Heat

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23. December 2016
VNG Innovation GmbH
New company uses waste heat from computer centres for space heating

VNG Innovation GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of VNG – Verbundnetz Gas AG (VNG AG), is participating as an investor in Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH (Cloud & Heat). The Dresden start-up markets cloud-based computer services and also offers the waste heat created by computer systems to heat buildings and provide hot water. The business model of Cloud & Heat combines the two trends of digitalization and energy efficiency – two current developments that are also of strategic importance for VNG.

“With our participation in the start-up Cloud & Heat, we are taking a further step towards the two future markets of digitalization and energy efficiency. Demand for efficient, environmentally compatible heat generation is steadily growing. For VNG, the topic of energy efficiency is the centre of our strategic deliberations. In addition, we can benefit from the experience and know-how of the start-up in cloud operation – the extended provision of IT structures for companies. Thanks to our participation in Cloud & Heat, we now have an additional possibility of marketing our highly secure, high-availability computing infrastructure in the optimum way,” said Hans-Joachim Polk, VNG Executive Board Member for Infrastructure and Technology, explaining the investment decision.

Through the participation of VNG Innovation GmbH, Cloud & Heat can benefit from an outstanding IT infrastructure for the operation of its cloud and competitive electricity prices. “The participation opens up entirely new possibilities for both parties. We have at our side a strategic partner who will provide support for the large-scale expansion of our secure, high-availability cloud infrastructure and will also benefit from the energy efficiency of our solution, which is unique in the world. Together, we can grasp new opportunities in the marketplace,” adds Nicolas Röhrs, Managing Director of Cloud & Heat.

Apart from VNG Innovation GmbH, the financing round is also being supported by IT experts from Berlin and the existing shareholders. The parties agreed that the amount of the investment should be kept confidential.

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Cloud & Heat
Cloud&Heat arose as a result of an idea developed at Dresden University of Technology and was founded in 2011 under the name of AoTerra GmbH. The company has traded under the name of Cloud & Heat since April 2014. Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH has operated IT infrastructure based on its own hardware solutions and powered by OpenStack, the cloud operating system, since 2012. The utilization of waste heat from servers saves heating and cooling energy, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to a uniquely efficient hot water cooling system, this approach does not impair the performance of computer systems. With its technology, Cloud & Heat operates the world’s most energy efficient, cost-effective computer centre solutions.