We have repackaged our energy

New brand VNG

The brand presentation of VNG has been modernized. The two brands “Verbundnetz Gas AG“ and “VNG Group” have been combined to form the new “VNG“ brand. This represents VNG AG and the entire VNG Group as an umbrella brand.

The new logo consists of a stylized strip in the form of the “V” and the acronym “VNG”. VNG has been the official abbreviation of Verbundnetz Gas since 1990 and is valid internationally.


We are shaping our transformation and give a sign to it

The new brand and its creation in the 60th year of our history symbolize the development of VNG both internally and externally.

VNG AG is now entirely different from the jointstock company formed 28 years ago when the brand “Verbundnetz Gas AG” was created. Since then, many companies have been added to the Group, individual operating divisions have been spun off into separate companies and roles have changed.

As the final stage to date, VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH was established in the spring of 2018. In addition, the name of the company was changed to VNG AG.

With its strategy “VNG 2030+”, VNG is pursuing a comprehensive transformation into a green, digital, gasbased company that plays its part in shaping the energy transition.

The rebranding is therefore closing the gap between the company VNG AG in 2018, the new name and the old brand.


Evolution, not revolution

Integration in Markenarchitektur VNG

Over the past 60 years, we have never reinvented ourselves but have always continued to develop – evolution, not revolution was and is our motto.

With our logo, we are also following this approach. It is therefore closely related to our existing brand architecture, takes up existing design elements and combines them.

The “lowest common denominator” is the triangle.

A combination of neighbouring triangles results in a stylized “V”. Intertwined symbols produce a yellow strip.


3 letters show who we are

V stands for ... “Verbund”, a bond or combination, because we are a combination of companies forming your partner for (natural) gas and security of supply.

N stands for ... networks, because our networks in the gas transport, gas storage and digital sector are essential elements of a green, digital, gas-based future.

G stands for ...stands for gas, because gas is a key component of our DNA and a cornerstone of our future.


A strong combination

The new brand stands for a strong group of more than 20 independent companies, more than 1,200 employees and 60 years of gas expertise.

It symbolizes unity in diversity: VNG combines the expertise of all Group companies, which results in a variety of synergy effects.

Despite the strength of the Group, the independent brand presentations of the Group companies, which are well-established in the industry, will continue to be used in the future.


Why we have had two brands up to now

With its new brand presentation, VNG has merged the two brands previously used “Verbundnetz Gas AG” and “VNG Group” into a new brand “VNG”. There were various reasons why we had two brands.

Since the conversion of VNG from a VEB (state-owned organization) into an Aktiengesellschaft (joint-stock company) in 1990, the brand “Verbundnetz Gas AG“ represented the company with its entire value stream – including gas transport and storage as well as energy production and sales. In 2012, the corporate structure of VNG changed fundamentally as a result of the complete spin-off of ONTRAS required by law as well as the regrouping of storage business with VNG Gasspeicher GmbH. Gas transport and storage were transferred away from the company and from the core of its brand. VNG retained the trading business area and also assumed a stronger role as the parent company of the VNG Group. This dual role was admissible in regulatory terms but was also problematical. It would not have been legally possible to present ONTRAS as a company of “VNG - Verbundnetz Gas AG”. In order to retain a connecting element, the “VNG Group” brand was created in 2012 – initially as an internal symbol, then as a co-branding arrangement and later as a separate brand for the external presentation of the Group.

However, the use of the two brands “Verbundnetz Gas AG” and “VNG Group” led to a certain lack of clarity, especially for external partners. This is why a comprehensive brand review was carried out in 2015/2016 to obtain information both within and outside the Group on the positioning of the two brands “Verbundnetz Gas AG” and “VNG Group”. The use of the two brands was then defined more specifically. Since then, the brand “Verbundnetz Gas AG” has been used mainly for trading and sales business while the brand “VNG Group” has represented the VNG Group with its regulated and non-regulated business areas along the value stream in symbolic terms (but not with respect to company law).

In the meantime, VNG has also spun off its wholesale business into VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH as a result of regulatory requirements. The dual role of the company as a parent company and an energy trading organization therefore ceased to apply. At the same time, VNG – Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft was renamed VNG AG at the end of March.

The two old brands have therefore become obsolete and have been replaced by the new VNG brand in the course of the rebranding.


The key design elements

Yellow is and remains the primary colour of VNG. This has been the company’s colour over its 60-year history and has also been part of the logo since VNG was established as a joint-stock company. Yellow is supplemented by the secondary colours green and grey.

The “Fira Sans“ typeface replaces the previous company script “Meta”. This is very near to the previous typescript family, does not require a licence and can therefore be used more flexibly and more extensively in everyday work.

The matrix in which the VNG logo is presented allows lozenges, parallelograms and equilateral triangles.




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