60 years of experience in the energy industry

VNG, which has always seen itself as part of an internationally oriented gas and energy industry, has its roots in eastern Germany stretching back more than 60 years. In 1958 “Technische Leitung Ferngas” was established as a division of the electricity supplier VEB Verbundnetz West, Dessau. The present-day company came into being with the change of political order in 1989: Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft was founded in Leipzig on June 29, 1990, two days before German economic and monetary union came into effect. VNG was the first fully-privatised company in eastern Germany.
January 1969

The gas division of VEB Verbundnetz Berlin becomes an independent unit called VEB Verbundnetz Gas. 

May 1968

Agreement between the governments of the USSR and the GDR which includes arrangements for Russian gas imports. 

July 1963

VEB Verbundnetz Ost, Verbundnetz West and Verbundnetz Mitte are combined to form VEB Verbundnetz Berlin. “Technische Leitung Ferngas” becomes the gas division of this unit. 

July 1, 1958

VEB Verbundnetz West Dessau sets up “Technische Leitung Ferngas” in Leipzig, the forerunner of the present-day VNG.


Creation of the ‘Vereinigung volkseigener Betriebe (VVB) Verbundwirtschaft’ (Association of State-Owned Businesses) of which the former East German companies ‘Verbundnetz Ost’, ‘Verbundnetz West’ and ‘Verbundnetz Mitte’ (grids for the eastern, northern and central areas of former East Germany) were divisions. Verbundnetz West was made responsible for the transmission pipelines.